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It is important for every business to have its own unique image. This image should reflect the emphasis and quality of each individual company. The corporate identity is made up of various elements moulded together to form one company image. These elements include a colour scheme, this may just be one colour, or, depending on the look, it could be several colours. A good design will be flexible in order to also look good when it is produced in mono. There will be a logo, which will be in the company colours and can either be the company name, or a recognisable symbol, or both. For example: Nike have a logo using the word ‘Nike’ and a ‘tick’ image, the ‘tick’ is instantly recognisable on its own as well. Also to make up the identity, a company can have an extra image or mascot, which is mainly used for advertising but isn’t necessarily their logo, for example McDonalds use Ronald McDonald, Kelloggs Frosties have Tony the Tiger, and other examples are The Green Giant, and the Michelin Man. These mascots usually stay with the company for the long-term and are often modernised over the years. Also the company will have one or two typefaces which will be used in all their publications. The corporate image will be used throughout the company’s business stationery and advertising. Therefore, keeping everything consistent, and making all company correspondence instantly recognisable.

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