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The work involved in press and magazine advertising can differ greatly. Sometimes a client may just require a one-off advert, this could be a recruitment advert, a particular offer the company has or a sale. Advertisements should reflect each individual business and their product. We strive to get the correct image across and it is also important to be aware of the target audience. We come up with slogans and catchlines, search for the right imagery, think about what sort of look the advert should have, and therefore produce the right advert or campaign for each individual requirement. Quite often, we are asked to produce an advertising campaign, this could be for a certain service or the launch of a new product. The result may consist of a set of consecutive adverts. An example of this is our campaign for Castiel Winser’s pensions. We created several different adverts and you can easily tell they are all part of the same group. We came up with a slogan and found images that all have a similar look. The elements in each ad are the same apart from a slight difference in the wording to match up with the picture.

Advertising. Press and magazine adverts

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